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Voeding & Gezondheid bij Hindostanen

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An informative book about the daily South Asians diet, the daily nutritional requirements and the most common conditions such as obesity, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes mellitus and heart disease. Health involves not only the absence of disease. Healthy life is a matter of conscious choice. Our nutrition largely determines how we look, how we function and how we feel. Nutrition is a key to a sustainable life. “Who is on his journey to achieve and maintain optimal health, knowledge, self-confidence, perseverance and willpower as a companion will get to a certain port on open waters”.

Author: Suhail Khan

Publisher: Dietitianpractice-Khan

  • Language Dutch
  • 316 pages
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This book is written in Dutch!


The quality of life begins with the quality of the foods that sustain it. Health includes not merely the absence of disease. Healthy living is a matter of conscious choice. Our diet determines in large part how we look, how we work and how we feel.

Nutrition is the single most important component of preventive health care for diet has been associated with obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes mellitus, cancer, and liver cirrhosis. Optimum nutrition is the level of intake that should promote the highest level of health.

Advice from Nutritionist Khan

Don’t skip breakfast, eat small but regular meals throughout the day, and a healthy well balanced dinner. This is the advice from Suhail Khan, nutritionist in Den Haag, Rotterdam and in Amsterdam who published the book “Voeding & Gezondheid bij Hindostanen” in 2012. This initiative was supported by “CZ Fonds”. “The reactions to the book have been outstanding,” says Khan.

He wrote the book because many South Asians and especially South Asians in the Netherlands are affected by obesity, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease. Khan is especially aware of this thanks to his extensive work experience in different hospitals, where he dealt with a lot of diabetic patients. “Many people have breakfast early in the morning and eat big meals in the evening. It is especially important for young people in particularly to know how to prevent these diseases. They need to know how food affects their bodies and what they should be eating.”

Health and sickness

In this book Khan devotes attention to nutrition in health and nutrition in disease. The first part contains general information about health and nutrition in South Asians. The second part Khan describes various diseases.


Khan is open five days a week from 09H00 till 21H00. Everyday we help more and more people to better their lives. Khan now also has a practice in the Amsterdam area because of the large population of Hindos present.

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1 review for Voeding & Gezondheid bij Hindostanen

  1. 5 out of 5

    I bought this book for a dutch friend who was very happy with it and found it very helpful with losing weight 😀

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